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Wines of October

Wines of October

Northwest Comfort:

Made from an old family recipe, this wine has found the love of Americans from coast to coast.

This wine is made by using only quality red wine and then adding various spices.  These spices are pleasantly enhanced when the wine is slightly heated when serving as a hot spiced wine.  When serving chilled during the warmer summer months, pour over raspberries or strawberries to make a refreshing cocktail. Float an orange slice or hang a wedge of lemon on the rim of the glass to dress it up.

Wonderful as we get into the cool fall season.  Dynamite after walking on the Oregon coast.  Great after skiing or while sitting by the fire. Without a doubt, awesome in the hot tub.

Serve in the summer slightly chilled like Sangria.


We source this fruit from a well-established grower in southern Oregon who has received and maintains the LIVE and Salmon safe designation.  This designation is awarded growers to reduce their chemical inputs, manage their farms using beneficial to manage pests, are conscience and reduce long decay products that may enter ground water or open streams and rivers.  LIVE is an internationally recognized organization used to monitor growers who are good stewards of the lands they care for.


Every month, Chateau Bianca Winery showcases one red and one white wine. What does that mean for our wine lovers?

This means savings on those showcased wines! If you buy 3 bottles of wine there is a 10% discount, 6 bottles of wine there is a 15% discount and 25% discount on a case. Here is the great part you get to mix and match. If you don’t want to buy a whole case of the showcased wine, then you still receive 25% off the bottles you do buy (if you still buy a case of wine). How cool is that?