Barrel Room

The Chateau Bianca Barrel Room is filled with over 200 oak barrels and housed on site. Even better, the smell is enchanting. It is one of our favorite places besides the vineyard itself. The barrel room is mainly French Oak, though there is American, Czech, and Hungarian.

This room where all our red wines are tucked away until bottling. We age the wine anywhere from nine months up to two years, depending on the wine that we choose to go into the barrels. We have a mixture of new and neutral barrels, with most of them being neutral to showcase the natural flavors of the wine. The only white wine that would be in this room is our Chardonnay. Chateau Bianca’s Chardonnay is half done in 10% new American oak and half done in stainless steel, which makes this wine clean, balanced, and very food friendly. Chardonnay is just one of the many wines to enjoy within the tasting room.

Chateau Bianca provides tours our of barrel room through Wine 101 classes and through VIP Tours and Tastings that are donated to non-profits. Please contact the winery for more information or check out our events page to see tour availability.

The video below is a great glimpse inside – just imagine the smell! What can you find in the barrel room?

Click on the “360 photo button” to see the room options.

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