Meet the Staff


“Andreas Wetzel is  one of Chateau Bianca’s owners,  amazing winemaker, vineyard overseer, floor sweeper and mess cleaner upper. Hailing as the fourth generation of Wetzel’s to produce wine, he is pretty good at it. Having mostly experiential training and a passion for “food friendly” wines, his goal is to bring to market approachable wines and a irresistible values. At the end of the day it is his job is to make people a little bit happier and a little more satisfied with life by having a nice glass of wine for food, family and friends. Prost!”


Ryan Pickens comes to us from Monterey, CA, but don’t hold that against him! After spending 3 years making wine in California, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany he discovered that cool climate wines are what he’s most passionate about. Upon moving to Oregon in 2015 he has found and married his better half, started his own label of small production Pinot Gris/Pinot Noir, and is now tending to wines made here at Chateau Bianca. If he’s not playing mad scientist in the lab, you’ll find him outside trying to soak in all the sunshine he can get and working on his tan.


Juan Hernandez is living the real life FarmVille dream by being Chateau Bianca’s Vineyard Manager. If you listen closely, you will hear him singing to the grapes along with his radio, as he works hard throughout the year. We are so lucky to have him because there is always something that needs to get done. #1 Goal = healthy, happy grapes. Plus, they don’t comment on his vocal skills.


Krista Harker is our Tasting Room Manager. She is hard at work making sure Chateau Bianca’s tasting room is running smoothly, keeping all of us hooligans in line, and plotting world domination. If you do see her in the tasting room you will be greeted with a warm smile and great conversation.


Katie Melton is Chateau Bianca’s Sales & Marketing Manager.

BOOKKEEPERRosalie McDonough is our internal bookie and our favorite person! She is the one that cuts our paychecks and keeps us in line for spending. Plus, she is the creator behind the amazing Vinegar we have in the tasting room.


Carina McGuire is one of our trusted wine pourer extraordinaires in the tasting room. Always on the move, she is tough to keep in one place. Though, she does seem to sit still when wine is involved and loves to have people visit!